Sunday, December 26, 2010

Discoveries at the Train Station

Before our winter break, we (finally) went on our first field trip - we walked to the train station! What class gets to walk to the train station? And what PRE-K class has the opportunity to do something like that? 

Our experience was actually even more exciting than we thought it was going to be. It snowed the whole way there and the whole way back! You know I love my students when I go on a field trip like that - I am not a fan of snow. But really, it was one of the best times. We sang songs on the way and noticed all of the things that were turning white around us. It was really a lovely walk. 
When we arrived, we hurried into the warm train station and got to take in the train display set up at the entrance. It was so much fun to watch the students find all of the little details that had put there for our viewing pleasure. We also came upon the big, beautiful tree :-) 

Probably the coolest part, though, was getting to go into the super secret elevator and then into the super secret K-9 police unit. The children met the police officers and got to see the police dogs at work. There had just been a memorial service for one of the dogs that had served, but recently passed away, so every student got a baseball card of the officer and dog together. 
Of course we stopped by the ticket counter to see what that was all about. We were met by an awesome employee who related the train experience to the movie Madagascar, which many of the students had seen. It ended with a discussion about going to New York, and singing right in the middle of the station. It was fun! 

We finished up our trip by eating our bagged lunches in the food court and trekking back home in more snow. We learned a lot and look forward to more adventures!

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  1. We have a train station here too that we go on every year but not in the winter - we can only go during the fall. This looks like so much fun!