Sunday, January 23, 2011

Taking Flight

I believe that there is something invaluable about a field trip - each one provides a real life, discovery filled experience - one that cannot be found in the classroom. I work in an area overflowing with information and resources, and I've made a vow to myself and class to take my students on as many field trips as possible. Last week, we went to a museum to watch an interactive puppet show about the Wright brothers and to learn about airplanes. 
The end of the show - the kids were amazed when the big plane came up at the end! 

The actual show was not the only learning experience of the day, not even close. We walked several blocks to a bus stop, and then took our very first bus ride together. 
Everyone did such a great job! 

I was just a little bit nervous that we wouldn't make it to the bus on time, and therefore, would be late for the show. So, we left WAY early and got to the museum early. It worked out wonderfully, though, as we were able to explore a couple of exhibits before we had to settle in for the show. 
Flying through the museum :-)

I had been excited and optimistic about the field trip, but I really had no idea just how engaged and curious the children would be. Each student found interest in the things around him/her, whether it was the touch screen computer, the airplanes hanging from the ceiling, the singing and dancing in the show, and/or the fascinating contraptions that were were allowed and ENCOURAGED to touch! Parents, teachers, and children had the opportunity to come together in wonder and awe; pointing, exclaiming, sharing, smiling, discovering. 
This is the engagement we strive for everyday! 
LOVE this picture - one of our three year olds - he couldn't get close enough! 

Working the gears
Three of our students got to be in the show! 

We leran by DOING, we learn by EXPERIENCING, we learn by GETTING OUT INTO THE WORLD and EXPLORING. So guess what? Field trip next week too! 


  1. wow- you don't know how lucky you are! This looks like such a great experience! I wish we had something like that in our area!

  2. I wish everyone could! We do have our own obstacles, but we are definitely fortunate as far as opportunities for trips go - it was an amazing day!