Monday, January 31, 2011

The Pond

We LOVE books. My students are always asking to be read to, in large group and as a cozy, individual activity during center time. We talk about books always, making connections to our own lives and other books that we have read. We are still working loosely on our Eric Carle author study; the children love cuddling up with the stuffed animals and reading to themselves, each other, and me.

About a month ago, we made a book for a loved volunteer and put a copy in our library center. I'm excited to share that we have recently begun meeting in small groups to be authors and illustrators of stories to add to our collection!

The children came up with the words to the story and then I typed them up. Today, I read the story back to the children and they made the illustrations. I really love their story - they included characters, setting, plot, AND predictive text.

"The Pond" 

The animals are walking and they see a big pond. There was a bridge so they can walk across it.

Then they walked on the playground. They slide down the sliding board. They went on the swings.

Then the lion said, "Can I get a cookie?" And his mom said, "No".

The tortoise said, "Can I get ice cream?" And his mom said, "No".
The rabbit said, "Can I have a sandwich?" And his mom said, "Yes".

They ride the bike and the scooter, taking turns. THE END. 


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